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Project Status

At our first Virtual Workshop in January 2012, community participants commented on draft vision, goals, and objectives for the TSP as well as general concerns about transportation in Clackamas County.

Last summer, during the second Virtual Workshop, people reviewed the recommendations and added their ideas to the list of potential transportation projects. The comments we received helped shape the hundreds of projects that have been evaluated, scored and ranked since then. Those discussions involved the Public Advisory Committee (PAC), the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and community groups in five areas of the county.

After a scoring system based on goals and evaluation criteria set by the PAC, those projects have been divided into three categories:

1) Tier 1 -- 20-year capital projects (projects for which we believe funding will be available)

2) Tier 2 -- Preferred capital projects (projects that will be considered if additional funds become available)

3) Tier 3 -- Long-term capital projects (needed, but may not be completed because of lack of funds)

A few projects were recommended to be removed from the list entirely.

Estimated future funding revenues will cover only about 15% of the project costs. These are recommended by the PAC for Tier 1.

Tier 2 represents the second 15% and Tier 3 the remaining 70%. On the Tell Us What You Think! page, please give us your opinions about whether you think the projects are in the correct tier.

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