City of Stayton Transportation System Plan Update - Open House #1Virtual Workshop

Project Introduction

Stayton is updating its Transportation System Plan (TSP). This document identifies what transportation projects are needed over the next 20 years. The City wants and needs your input to make this process a success.

What is a TSP?

A TSP is a document that outlines ways to improve the transportation system over the next 20 years so that people can continue to safely and reliably get to work, school, shopping, and recreation. Projects, policies, and strategies in a TSP can include:

  • Identifying needed transportation improvements;
  • Modifying existing roads, or pedestrian and bicycle paths;
  • Constructing new roads, or pedestrians and/or bicycle paths;
  • Updating roadway design standards; and
  • Identifying strategies to fund transportation projects and operations.

What area will the TSP cover?

This TSP update will cover the City of Stayton.

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