ODOT Regions 4 & 5: Active Transportation Needs InventoryVirtual Workshop

Step 3

Evaluating and Prioritizing the Needs

With the inventory complete, the project team conducted an evaluation of the system needs (in 0.1-mile to 1-mile segments of the highway system). The team analyzed the needs based on a set of criteria designed to represent the goals and priorities of ODOT’s Statewide Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan and of Regions 4 and 5 specifically. The criteria were selected and weighted in collaboration with a variety of internal ODOT staff as well as local jurisdiction stakeholders.

The goals and criteria are summarized below, with a more detailed evaluation provided in the following online maps. The project team then combined the criteria scores to come up with overall evaluation scores for each highway segment. This evaluation will help Region staff identify areas where future investments can provide the greatest benefits and make progress towards accomplishing the goals of the Statewide Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan.


Links to evaluation criteria and the combined scores online maps are provided below or can be accessed using the tabs at the top of this page:

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