Gambell Street Redevelopment and Implementation PlanVirtual Workshop

Alternatives Development Process

Welcome to the Blue Room! In this room, you will learn about the process that has been used to identify the preferred alternatives for Gambell Street. Once you've learned about the work done so far to select the most promising alternatives for the corridor, continue to the next page to learn about the draft plan and to provide your input!

In order to help organize and focus the alternative development process, alternatives are split in to three categories:
1. Corridor Improvements that address operations and safety of the corridor for the different modes.
2. Streetscape Options that alter the cross-section of the corridor within the existing right-of-way.
3. Aesthetic Treatments that improve the appearance of the corridor.

The alternative improvements for Gambell Street were primarily developed, evaluated, and refined through a 3-Day project Charette, held from May 21st to May 23rd. Details from the Charette are provided in Technical Memorandum 3: Alternative Development Process. A schedule of the Charette is provided to the right, as well as a graphic illustrating the alternative development and evaluation process.