Gambell Street Redevelopment and Implementation PlanVirtual Workshop

About the Project

Welcome to the Yellow Room: About the Project! Here you will learn about the purpose of the project, the project study area, the project schedule, and other transportation plans and policies that impact Gambell Street.

The purpose of the project is to identify and evaluate potential improvements for the Gambell Street corridor which will improve the efficiency, appearance, and business/pedestrian friendliness of the major thoroughfare. The project study area includes the segment of Gambell Street between 3rd Avenue and 20th Avenue, located in the Fairview Neighborhood in Anchorage, Alaska. Gathering input from businesses, property owners, and the public within the corridor and community has been a critical part of the project.

More information about the project can also be found in Technical Memorandum #1a – Project Overview Memorandum and Technical Memorandum #1b –Project Purpose, Goals, Objectives, and Evaluation Criteria.