Pendleton IAMPs: Exit 207 and 210 - Concept WorkshopVirtual Workshop

Exit 210 Concepts

This page presents concepts that seek to improve the safety, operations, and access management at the Exit 210 Interchange (I-84/OR-11). Descriptions of the concepts are listed below and links to illustrations are shown on the right-hand side of the page:

  • Concept 1 - Split diamond interchange at Old Dump Road
  • Concept 2 - Split diamond interchange at Goad Road
  • Concept 3 - Five-legged roundabout at westbound ramp terminal and south side backage road
  • Concept 4 - Right-in/right-out access at Kirk Avenue
  • Concept 5 - Kirk Avenue re-alignment to the north
  • Concept 6 - Button-hook eastbound ramp
  • Concept 7 - Roundabouts at ramp terminals

Please fill out this survey in Survey Monkey, referencing the concept images in the Exhibits above, to give your feedback. Your feedback will be used to modify these alternatives and create a final concept plan. Thank you!


When you're done exploring this room and providing feedback, you're done with the workshop! Thanks!