City of Bend Central Westside PlanVirtual Workshop

Industrial & University Areas

This page describes the key needs and draft improvements for the Industrial and University Areas. These are broken down by subarea below.

Mt. Washington Drive Corridor

Key Needs

  • Address school area circulation and management concerns to alleviate offsite congestion spillover.
  • Provide strategic crossings of Mt. Washington Drive for pedestrians and bicycles, especially in the vicinity of area schools.

Colorado Avenue Corridor

Key Needs

  • Improve the Colorado Avenue/Columbia Street intersection.
  • Provide alternative bicycle and pedestrian facilities.
  • Consider regional need for additional capacity across Deschutes River.

Bond Street/Reed Market Road Intersection

Key Needs

  • Identify opportunities to enhance capacity and/or efficiency at the intersection
  • Identify roadway connectivity improvements to disperse traffic volumes across multiple corridors. demand. The City’s upcoming Transportation System Plan provides the appropriate forum to address this systematic need as these routes are likely to be outside of the CWP. Improvements that better utilize the Aune Street undercrossing could improve connectivity into/out of the Old Mill Area.

Draft Improvements

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Interested in what the Preferred Land Use scenario assumes in the industrial and university areas? Click Here

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