Clackamas County Active Transportation PlanVirtual Workshop


Welcome to the Virtual Workshop for the Clackamas County Active Transportation Plan!

Clackamas County is seeking public comments about potential walking and biking (active transportation or AT) routes and facilities in Clackamas County.

What is a Virtual Workshop?

A method for the public to provide input on a project via a computer “on-line”. It will be available through February 23rd. Tell your friends!

What is an Active Transportation Plan?

A plan that identifies principal active transportation routes to help set priorities for future transportation projects, and increase the safety and accessibility of significant walkways and bikeways for County residents and visitors.

Active transportation is human-powered forms of travel, especially walking and bicycling. It also includes transit because most people use human power to access transit. Active transportation fits well with three key public interests -- to be physically healthy, to travel economically and to protect the natural environment. In Clackamas County, active transportation opportunities not only benefit those who live and work here, but also attract tourists and other visitors.

Why is the County doing this?

  • Provide travel options and improve public health. Trends show bicycling and walking is growing. The number of bike commuters in the USA rose by 64% from 1990 to 2009.
  • Let people know about the Active Transportation Plan (ATP).
  • Gather feedback on proposed principal routes and improvements for bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure and improvements.
  • Gather information about current use and perceptions, and hoped for use, of active transportation in the County.

We'd like your feedback !

Please visit the Take A Survey room so we can hear from you about your travel preferences. Then, visit the Proposed Routes room and tell us what you think about route options in each corridor.

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