City of Ontario East Idaho Avenue Refinement Area PlanVirtual Workshop


Welcome to the Online Community Workshop for the East Idaho Avenue Refinement Area Plan!

The City of Ontario is working with the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) to develop a corridor plan for East Idaho Avenue to better connect the residential areas of the city on the west side of I-84 with the fast-growing commercial areas on the east side of I-84. This plan, which will be incorporated into the city's existing Transportation System Plan, will look to improve walking and biking access on East Idaho Avenue and develop plans for streetscape improvements.

In each "room" (or tabs located on the top of this page) you will find information about current efforts to develop the East Idaho Avenue Refinement Area Plan for the City of Ontario. Each room corresponds to a specific topic.

  • About the Project: This room describes the project, provides a schedule for when key milestones will be completed, and lists the project outcomes upon completion.
  • Goals and Objectives: This room lists the project goals and objectives, as well as proposed evaluation criteria to help determine how projects should be prioritized when the update is complete.
  • Study Area Existing Conditions: This room includes a map of the East Idaho Avenue study area, as well as maps showing the traffic operations and crash history for the study area.
  • Provide Your Comments: This room asks for your feedback on your experiences traveling on and being around East Idaho Avenue and ideas you have for improving the look and function of this corridor.

Please tell your friends and neighbors about this site so we can hear from them before Friday, June 19th when the online community workshop will close.