City of Ontario Active Transportation UpdateVirtual Workshop

Existing Network

The exhibits to the right map the bicycle lanes and paths,existing sidewalks, and the transit network in Ontario.

In addition, there are exhibits showing the Level of Traffic Stress scores for people biking and walking. A Level of Traffic Stress analysis generally captures the amount of stress that people walking and biking may have on any given roadway segment or at any intersection. Level of Traffic Stress is scored on a 1-4 scale:

  • Level of Traffic Stress 1: Represents little to no traffic stress and requires little attention to the traffic situation. This is suitable for all users including children 10 years or younger and people using a wheeled mobility device.
  • Level of Traffic Stress 2: Represents little traffic stress but requires more attention to the traffic situation than of which young children may be capable. This would be suitable for children over 10, teens and adults.
  • Level of Traffic Stress 3: Represents moderate stress and is suitable for adults. An able-bodied adult would feel uncomfortable but safe using this facility.
  • Level of Traffic Stress 4: Represents high traffic stress. Only able-bodied adults with limited route choices would use this facility.