City of Stayton Transportation System Plan Update - Open House #2Virtual Workshop

Project Update

Stayton is updating its Transportation System Plan (TSP). This document identifies what transportation projects are needed over the next 20 years. Here's a rundown on recent progress:

Tech Memos Finalized

Since the last Virtual Open House in October 2018, the project team has finalized two technical memos:

  • Technical Memo #2 - Goals, Objectives and Evaluation Criteria
  • Technical Memo #3 - Existing and Future Conditions

Together, these memos guide the project's progress by establishing goals for the project and identifying needs for Stayton's transportation system. We collected comments on both of these at the October open house and used those comments to revise and finalize these memos.

System Alternatives

We've also created another draft technical memo, this one dealing with system alternatives. In this memo, we outline a number of potential projects to address the needs identified earlier in the project process. Some of these are "project alternatives", such as adding traffic signals or sidewalks, and others are "policy alternatives", such as updating roadway classifications or street design standards. The full memo can be downloaded here.

Get Started!

In the following rooms, we're going to ask for your feedback on the alternatives we suggest. Click "Project Alternatives" at the top of the page to get started with the workshop!


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