Crook County TSP UpdateVirtual Workshop


Welcome to the Pink Room: Provide Input! In this room, you can comment on the Draft Goals and Objectives, Existing Conditions analysis, Future Conditions analysis, or draft plan elements. Please comment on any of the needs that you have seen already identified in this virtual open house, and mark additional needs that have not yet been identified. You can use the "Provide Input" link to the right for general comments, ideas, needs, or concerns. Additionally, you can use the "Interactive Map" link to the right for comments about specific locations or draft plan elements. These may include comments related to the roadway system, land use in the County and future development, pedestrian and bicycle facilities, public transit, freight transportation, air transportation, bridges, and more. We look forward to receiving your input. Thank you for you time!


When you're done exploring this room and providing feedback, you're done with the workshop! Thanks!