City of Bend Central Westside PlanVirtual Workshop


Transportation – How should we get around Bend’s central westside?

The purpose of this open house is to review draft transportation improvements planned for the study area. Additional background information on the project, including a map of the Preferred Land Use Plan and the Draft Transportation Analysis Report that describes the development of the recommended improvements, can be found at

Click through the corridor tabs at the top of the page to take a look at draft transportation improvements recommended for specific areas of the study area and provide your feedback.

Project Background

To prepare for new investment in Bend’s central westside, the City of Bend is developing a transportation and land use strategy called the Central Westside Plan. The Central Westside Plan will:

  • Identify a new plan for how communities in Bend’s central westside might develop including areas that could develop in new ways and those that should stick to existing plans
  • Identify a set transportation investments that support creating vibrant and sustainable communities
  • Incorporate community input and reflect a shared vision for the future of these neighborhoods
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