Klamath Falls Urban Trail Master PlanVirtual Workshop

About the Project

The City of Klamath Falls, Klamath County, and the Oregon Department of Transportation are working on this planning effort to improve the bicycle and pedestrian trail system in Klamath Falls.

Plan Objectives

  • Identify new trails, bike lanes, and sidewalks

  • Create a well-connected trail system

  • Create safer and more effective crossings

  • Provide better signing to make it easier to find trails and destinations near them

Envisioned Outcomes

  • A healthier Klamath Falls
    • Physical activity can lower your risk for heart disease, diabetes, depression, and other chronic diseases
  • Better walking, biking, and running options
  • Economic opportunities
    • Walking and bicycling keeps money in your pocket!
    • People walking and biking stop at businesses more often than people driving
    • Bicycle tourism is big business
      • $39 million in economic activity in 2012 in Southern Oregon
      • The OC&E Trail is visited 116,000 times each year
  • Improve access to Downtown, OIT, Sky Lakes Medical Center, and other destinations

How We Got Here

The project schedule shows our overall process. After collecting data and completing technical analyses, we held a Virtual Open House in September on our project website to inform people about the plan and collect comments on what could be done to improve urban trails within Klamath Falls. We received over 70 comments from the public through the website.

We used these comments, feedback from an advisory committee made up of agency staff and Klamath Falls community members, and our technical analysis to develop the draft projects and programs being presented at this open house.

Project Schedule

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