Bend Central Westside PlanVirtual Workshop


Please take a few minutes to review information about initial land use and transportation ideas for the Central Westside Plan and provide feedback using the comment form.

What is the Central Westside Plan?

Bend’s central westside is rapidly changing with new residential development, schools, and parks, and an expanded Oregon State University - Cascades campus on the horizon. To prepare for these investments, the City of Bend is developing a transportation and land use strategy for this area. Over the next year, the city will work closely with community members to develop a shared vision for the future of Bend’s central westside neighborhoods, and explore different ways that land use and transportation decisions could shape these neighborhoods.

Learn more about the Central Westside Plan.

What is the purpose of this open house?

This open house is intended to get feedback on land use scenarios created by the Central Westside Plan Community Advisory Committee (CAC). Three scenarios were developed. To facilitate review, these scenarios are presented within this open house via subareas of the Central Westside study area.

Once confirmed, these scenarios will be evaluated within an evaluation tool (called a scenario planning model) to assess how well each performs against goals developed for the Central Westside by the CAC.

Learn more about this project, the scenario planning process, and future activities by visiting the project website.

In-person Open House

The online open house presents the same material that will be available at an in-person open house:

Thursday, April 2, 2015 from 5:00 to 7:00 PM
Bend Park and Recreation District
Riverbend Community Room
799 SW Columbia Ave, Bend.

Start providing your feedback with the SW Colorado Subarea or choose another place to start above. You can also go to the comment form if you have already reviewed the information.