Clackamas County Active Transportation PlanVirtual Workshop

Comment on Proposed Routes

Principal Active Transportation Routes

Principal Active Transportation (PAT) routes are paths, pedways and bikeways to connect communities and significant destinations in Clackamas County. The Active Transportation Plan will identify up to 12 PAT routes in Clackamas County which, as a group, will form the County's Principal Active Transportation (PAT) System.

The County understands that not all of the potential principal active transportation routes are suitable today for safe walking or biking due to factors such as incomplete or missing sidewalks, lack of paved shoulders and/or unsafe crossings. With your help, we will prioritize selected routes for improvements to be made over time as funds become available.

The County is divided into 12 corridors to identify and study proposed active transportation routes.

To review and comment on the proposed routes:

1) Review the Exhibits to the right to determine which Corridors you would like to review in more detail.

2) Click on the Corridor(s) below to review and comment on the proposed routes in that corridor.

You are welcome to review and comment on the routes in all corridors of interest to you.

Corridor 1 - Canby to Molalla

Corridor 2 - Clackamas River

Corridor 3 - Clackamas Regional Center to Happy Valley/Scouters Mountain

Corridor 4 - Estacada

Corridor 5 - Industrial East

Corridor 6 - Lake Oswego to Oregon City

Corridor 7 - Milwaukie to Clackamas Regional Center

Corridor 8 - Milwaukie to Oregon City

Corridor 9 - Mount Hood

Corridor 10 - Oregon City to Canby

Corridor 11 - Oregon City to Molalla

Corridor 12 - Stafford

The proposed routes shown were selected from a large list of routes identified by project staff, public advisory committee members, and technical experts. The routes were then evaluated by applying evaluation criteria. You can get more information about the evaluation criteria here.


When you're done exploring this room and providing feedback, you're done with the workshop! Thanks!