11th Street Bikeway DesignVirtual Workshop

The Design

Click on the exhibits to the right to learn more about the design from Heron Street to State Street.

Highlights include:

  • Rehabilitating the pavement on 11th Street between Washington and Heron Streets.
  • Enhanced pedestrian crossings that include shortened crossing distances and rectangular rapid flashing beacons at key intersections.
  • A new multi-use pathway through the Boise High School Campus.
  • A phased approach near Washington Street which will start with painted sharrows (a lane marking that indicates vehicles and cyclists share the road). A future phase may add full bicycle lanes which will remove parking along this section (approximately 10 spaces). This will be determined after coordination with the YMCA and City of Boise.
  • New pedestrian-scale lighting at the bulb outs and multi-use pathway.

Construction is scheduled for the summer of 2022.


When you're done exploring this room and providing feedback, you're done with the workshop! Thanks!