Clackamas County TSP Part 2Virtual Workshop

Project Status

At our first Virtual Workshop in January, we asked for your comments on the draft TSP vision, goals, and objectives and on transportation in Clackamas County. Thank you for the valuable input you provided.

We worked with the Public Advisory Committee to incorporate your input into the vision and goals, which were adopted by the BCC in April. We used those to help identify transportation needs as part of the existing and future conditions analysis report.

Many of you also sent us suggestions and ideas regarding the transportation system. You can view this input here. We incorporated these comments into the existing and future conditions analysis report and included the project ideas in the list of projects under consideration.

Since the January workshop, we also completed an initial evaluation of all projects under consideration to determine if they address a transportation need and if they help meet the project goals. We invite you to review and provide input on these initial project evaluations. Your suggestions will help shape the list of future projects.

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