Drive to Zero Safety Action PlanVirtual Workshop


Clackamas County has set a goal to eliminate fatal and serious injury crashes on its roads by 2035. The Drive to Zero Safety Action Plan lays out a roadmap for the County, its partner organizations, and its residents to achieve this goal by building a County-wide "Safety Culture" and addressing the following safety emphasis areas:

  • Safe Drivers and Passengers
  • Safe Infrastructure
  • Safe Vehicles
  • Safe Vulnerable Users
  • Enhanced Emergency Medical Services
  • Safety Culture
  • Safety Management

In recent years, the County has begun this work by running education and outreach efforts to encourage safe driving practices and by improving the safety of the roadway infrastructure. Now, it's time for your feedback. The County will use the input you give here to inform the information and action items contained in the safety action plan. Click "Focus Areas" to get started!