Highway 43 Conceptual Design Plan UpdateVirtual Workshop

Draft Layout


Building on the draft cross sections and intersection design, the project team has been working with a group of public stakeholders to develop a draft conceptual layout for Highway 43.

The draft layout has been developed to fulfill the objectives of the plan and propose a direction that is implementable and in alignment with design standards and funding sources. The draft proposed design seeks to balance the needs of all travelers on Highway 43 while being cost-effective and minimizing impacts to right-of-way.

The photo at right shows an example of a street with a "protected bicycle lane," one of the design elements proposed for Highway 43.

The corridor locator map below shows the location of each of the numbered exhibits. Click on any of the exhibits to see more detail on the draft conceptual layout. The comment period is now closed, and the project team is reviewing feedback and updating the Conceptual Plan.

The protected intersection concepts are not shown in the draft layout, as these will be developed specifically for each location as the project moves towards construction. Similarly, transit stop locations and crossing locations are not yet shown - we would like your input on where to include them in the final plan.


When you're done exploring this room and providing feedback, you're done with the workshop! Thanks!