Highway 43 Conceptual Design Plan UpdateVirtual Workshop

Draft Cross Sections


The project team has developed proposed cross sections (the various facilities and widths included in the roadway) in collaboration with a variety of public stakeholders and agency representatives. The cross sections are designed to provide comfortable facilities for all modes while minimizing overall project costs and right-of-way impacts.

The proposed plan update maintains a fairly consistent cross section throughout the corridor, with one vehicle travel lane in each direction, a center turn lane, sidewalks, and protected bicycle lanes.
The "typical" cross section includes a landscape buffer that can be used for vegetation and stormwater treatment. A "constrained" cross section, applied in areas of physical or right-of-way constraints, eliminates the landscape buffer. The "transit" cross section provides more room at transit stops for boarding and alighting of transit vehicles.

The consistent center turn lane not only facilitates left turns, but also provides for emergency vehicle access and utility maintenance with minimal traffic impacts.

The comment period is now concluded, and the project team is reviewing feedback and updating the Conceptual Plan!