Highway 43 Conceptual Design Plan UpdateVirtual Workshop



The City of West Linn is updating the existing Highway 43 Conceptual Design Plan. The plan update maintains the original objectives, while seeking to provide refined implementable guidance for future development and construction.

The objectives are:

  • Provide better facilities for multi-modal circulation along and across the street.
  • Support adjacent land use and redevelopment.
  • Improve the aesthetic environment, the pedestrian environment, pedestrian crossing opportunities, and pedestrian-transit connections along Highway 43.
  • Involve the public in designing the Highway 43 streetscape.
  • Encourage the use of walking, biking, and transit, reducing reliance on the automobile and reducing congestion.
  • Manage vehicular access to properties abutting Highway 43 while promoting bicycle and pedestrian access.
  • Incorporate stormwater management practices in the streetscape design.

In addition, the plan update seeks to:

  • Implement bicycle and pedestrian facility design that is in alignment with current best practices and the community vision of having a comfortable place for people of all ages and abilities to travel along the corridor walking, rolling, or bicycling.
  • Identify high crash locations and potential opportunities to improve safety performance.
  • Maintain a three-lane design throughout the length of the corridor to allow access for emergency vehicles, utility work, and maintenance, while providing two-way traffic flow.
  • Identify right-of-way needs along the corridor to ensure a design that can be implemented as development occurs.
  • Pursue opportunities for jurisdictional transfer of Highway 43 from the Oregon Department of Transportation to the City of West Linn.

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